Philander Barclay Online Photo Collection

Philander Barclay, a passionate historian and photograher, single handedly captured in images the early growth of Oak Park and River Forest. 

Below are examples of Barclay's collection, numbering over 1,000 at his death in 1940. 

The complete Barclay collection can be viewed at the Historical Society.  All images are owned and copyrighted by The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest and may not be used for any purpose without permission from the Society. 

For questions about the collection, please call (708) 848-6755.


1903: River Forest,  John J. Ryan home, SW corner Keystone & Hawthorn

1903: Oak Park volunteer Fire Dept #3, Lombard side of #2 House

1903: River Forest, E. J. Brooke Residence, west of Central & Thatcher

1903: River Forest Athletic Club baseball grounds


1903: Len F. Moore's Blacksmith shop south side of Lake Street

1903: River Forest,  E. C.Waller's Estate

1903: River Forest, DesPaines River bridge at North Ave.

1903: River Forest Volunteer Fire Dept. putting out prairie fire

1903: River Forest, First Methodist Episcopal Church, NW corner, Lake and Keystone
1903: River Forest Presbyterian Church, SW corner, Gale and Linden. Sold to the River Forest Women's Club in 1894 1903: River Forest Golf Club, NW corner of Lake and Harlem

1902: River Forest, Dairy Farm of James P. Madsen near Iowa and Bonnie Brae
1903: River Forest, R. H. Pierce Residence

1903: River Forest, Real estate office of E.A. Cummings, NW corner, Lake & Harlem

1903: River Forest, View from Wisconsin Central viaduct & C&NW Railroad

1903: River Forest, View from Wisconsin Central viaduct & C&NW Railroad


1903: Oak Park, S.C Postelwait Undertaker, Funeral Parlors, 132 N. Oak Park

1903: Oak Park, N. M. Freer estate.  looking SE from Euclid near Erie

1903: Oak Park, W. G. Fricke at 640 N. Scoville (now 540 Fair Oaks)

1909: Oak Park, View of children, W.B
Harvey & Jasper Redmond prize winners


1903: Oak Park, Harlem Ave., north from Lake Street

1903: Oak Park, North Western Gas Light and Coke Co.  Lombard and Garfield.  Now Barrie Park

1903: Oak Park, Elgin, Aurora & Chicago eastbound at Ridgeland

1903: Oak Park, W. C. Gray residence, 319 (now 219) Kenilworth


1903: Alley south of Lake between Harlem and Marion

1903: Oak Park's first Locomobile Steamer formerly owned by Capt. Geo. W. Hayden. 

1903: Oak Park, Wisconsin Ave. (now South Marion) south from South Blvd.

1907: Owens Bros. Grocery Store on fire.  SW corner of South Blvd & Wisconsin (Marion)


1903: Oak Park, Unity Church fire, 215 Wisconsin

1903: Oak Park, Fire Dept. #3, 213 Marion. Capt.J Mannix & volunteer Ralph Smith

1903: Oak Park, Fire Dept. #3, 213 Marion

1903: Cutsuvitis' Fruit Stand, Marion south of Lake Street


1903: Oak Park Police #2

1903: Oak Park Police Dept. Interior - 213 Marion

1903: Oak Park Police #2

1916: Philander Barclay's 2 stores,  1112 North Blvd.