Scientific Advances With Their Roots in Local Soil  

The famous River Forest and Oak Park architects, artists, business leaders, and entertainers who have left their mark on the world have too often overshadowed the scientists, medical doctors, and researchers who have labored to improve the human condition through medical advances.  

These scientists have pursued new chemical compounds, explored other worlds, and made advances that improved the health of men and women around the world. 

Initially out of public sight in laboratories, hospitals, and universities, these talented individuals have left a huge positive mark on our world when their achievements are unveiled.  

But why such a variety of scientists and doctors who have grown up in the sister villages or chosen to live here later in their lives?   Local schools have fostered excellent instruction in the sciences which has led to many local young people to pursue careers in the sciences. 

And with two local hospitals (Oak Park Hospital, 1907) and (West Suburban Hospital, 1914), many medical professionals have chosen to live in the community.  The proximity of metropolitan Chicago’s numerous universities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research laboratories also have made the villages a good place to call home.