Artifact Donations

The Historical Society's mission includes the collection of artifacts that  tell the many personal stories of Oak Park and River Forest.  You can contribute to this mission through the donation of artifacts.

Categories of artifact donations include, but are not limited to:

Textiles: clothing, linens
Household items: kitchenware, tools, recreational items
Decorative arts: paintings, glass, furniture
Archival: books, documents, photographs, slides

Donation Procedures
We generally accept only items with a known Oak Park or River Forest connection. Due to storage space, we limit our intake of large items, such as furniture, pianos, organs, etc. 

Donations to the permanent collections are tax deductible. 

Please note:  The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest cannot provide appraisals of objects for tax purposes. Once in our permanent collection, The Historical Society of Oak Park and River maintains all rights and titles of the object.

Here are some questions to help determine the historical value of an artifact. 

Is the item relevant to Oak Park or River Forest history?
Is the item from an Oak Park or River Forest family?
Is the item in good general condition?
Will the item add uniqueness to our growing collection?
What is the size of the item? 

If you have an artifact that you believe would make a good addition to our collection, please contact us at (708) 848-6755.