Thanks to the generosity of so many friends and members, $1 million in private donations has transformed a vacant eyesore into a 21st century museum. We are grateful for the realization of a decades-long dream that has transformed The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest into Oak Park River Forest Museum.

With your support, a spectacular building will be just the beginning as we embark upon a journey to be the place to tell the many fascinating stories of our home villages of Oak Park and River Forest. In fact, our museum is already bursting with stories, and we have only been open for a few months.

We are looking ahead to our first full year of operation of Oak Park River Forest Museum in 2018, a milestone as The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest celebrates 50 years serving our villages.

Coming soon!

Shown above is our new custom-made exhibit wall, which includes LED-lit display cases and two video screens. We are expecting delivery and installation in the next few weeks and will be using January to work on behind-the-scenes exhibit and collection projects. Because of our limited January hours, please call us at 708-848-6755 if we can be of assistance, and plan your next visit in February. The new display wall will be used as part of our spring 2018 exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing ordinance in Oak Park. Let us know if you have any artifacts or stories to share!