1897 Science Class at Oak Park & River Forest High School, from the Historical Society Collection

Research Center Policies

The Historical Society maintains its archive on behalf of the public.  To protect our historic materials for the community today and the future, we enforce the following policies:

  • No food, beverage, or chewing gum allowed in the Research Center.
  • To prevent permanent marking of research materials, the use of pen is prohibited in the research center. Pencils and laptop computers may be used.
  • All research materials must be handled with care. Please try to touch only the edges of documents. Gloves may be supplied when handling prints, photographs, broadsides, slides, and some architectural materials. Please do not touch the image surface of visual materials. DO NOT lick your fingers to turn pages.
  • When using research materials with loose pages, please leave folders flat on the table and keep all pages or photographs within the folder in the order in which it was found. Do not remove pages or photos from the folder.
  • Staff members can make photocopies for 25 cents a page (10 cents for Historical Society members). Photographic prints are available; cost depends on size and use. You will be asked to sign a use agreement limiting your use of the photo.
  • Please ensure your hands are clean before starting research.
  • Materials MUST remain on site; we are not a lending library.